Symphony In Sweeatch: The Crazed Other-World of Dax Norman


It’s hard to properly prepare you for an immersion into the hyper-animated world of Dax Norman. His animation approaches and rushes past as a kind of tumbling, mutating surrealist caravan being chased by a predator just off the screen. This is not a parade of animated imagery that screams meaning – it just screams….. and that’s enough! Dax Norman’s work is not something that you experience so much as something you let happen to you. The roiling, ceaselessly morphing psychedelic imagery should be exhausting but it’s just the opposite – it’s inspiring, beautiful, bursting with ideas and colourful beyond description. At heart, it’s an explosive expression of the pure, simply raw power of what makes animation different from every other artform. A feature film…. but not as we know it (with a couple of surprise shorts to kick things off).

MIAF 15 Trailer – Dax Norman

MIAF 15 Trailer
Dax Norman
USA, 2015, 0’30
Way back in 2015 we first met Dax and loved his work so much we asked him to make the MIAF trailer that year.

Heartbeat Walkin’ -Dax Norman

Heartbeat Walkin’
Dax Norman
USA, 2021, 3’30
The latest in a series of very Dax heart attacks.

Symphony In Sweeatch – Dax Norman

Symphony In Sweeatch
Dax Norman
USA, 45’45, 2021
Dax Norman clearly has Picasso and Dali trapped in his imagination – and it looks like they’re both fighting hard to get out.


Jul 20 2021


8:15 pm - 9:25 pm

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ACMI - Cinema 2


ACMI - Cinema 2
Fed Square, Melbourne VIC 3000