MIAF 2023 Winners


Best Of The Fest
11 – Vuk Jevremovic

Judges Comment
The film feels liberated and completely untethered from audience expectations and it feels like it can and does go in whatever visual direction it wants.  The film is a lesson in animation (the way it captures human movement is exquisite), while also a masterful finished work.  Whether intentional or not, the film filters animation into what I think is its purest, unique form.  Each frame on its own could be completely abstract to the viewer (a scribble, some brushes of paint) but when they’re put together as animation they take form and make sense to the human eye.  The motion unlocks the images, and while the eye is constantly challenged throughout, it is always rewarded.  This separates animation (this animation) from static art forms like drawing/painting in a way that is rarely seen in filmmaking (animation or otherwise).  When does film ever make sense in motion, but not also in some way as a single frame?

Best Australian
(J) The Pioneers – Simon Cottee
(A) Little Goat Man – Sheldon Liberman, Igor Coric

PROGRAM WINNERS (Judge’s + Audience Votes)

Best Australian Student Film
(J) Hollow – Shirin Shakhesi
(A) In Sight – Wendy Lu, Natalie Tran, Cindy Zhi

International Program #1
(J) The Flying Sailor – Amanda Forbes, Wendy Tilby
(A) The Flying Sailor – Amanda Forbes, Wendy Tilby

International Program #2
(J) Airborne – Andrzej Jobczyk
(A) In The Upper Room – Alexander Gratzer

International Program #3
(J) The Debutante – Lizzie Hobbs
(A) The Debutante – Elizabeth Hobbs

International Program #4
(J) Once War Is Over – Simone Massi
(A) Regular Rabbit – Eoin Duffy

International Program #5
(J) 11 – Vuk Jevremovic
(A) Mickey’s Descent Into Madness – Tom Bourgeois

Abstract Showcase
(J) & More – Tsz-Wing Ho
(A) Beardiful Tone – Masashi Yamamoto

Long Shorts
(J) Sierra – Sandor Joon
(A – tied) Sierra – Sandor Joon
(A – tied) My Tiger – Jean-Jean Arnoux

Late Night Bizarre
(J) The Dip – Simona Mehandzhieva
(A) Le Sourire De La Courgette – Lucas Ansart