Dozens Of Norths – Koji Yamamura [2023]


At last, the world has a feature film by master animator, Koji Yamamura. Based on his illustrations and texts published in the monthly publication Bungakukai, “Dozens Of Norths” has been mesmerising festival audiences the world over, taking out the coveted Contrechamp Award at the Annecy festival last year.

Exquisitely, meticulously hand-drafted and channelling the powerful yet often utterly whimsical imagination that Koji is renowned for, the film plays as a meditative, highly stylised journey through the often fickle, constantly morphing memories of a journey through the land and the people of the north of Japan. Narrative in that sense, it never-the-less leaves open the endless and unresolvable riddles of lives being lived and places in a constant state of motion. It stands more as a window into the world it documents rather than a travel guide aspiring to explanation and resolution.

For so, so long, we have wondered what a Koji Yamamura feature would look and feel like…. in “Dozens Of Norths” we finally have an answer.

Dozens of Norths – Koji Yamamura

Dozens of Norths
Koji Yamamura
Japan, 1″04’04, 2021


This session is classified: Unclassified (M) Mature, not recommended for viewers under 15 years.

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May 08 2023


8:15 pm – 9:30 pm

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The Backlot Studios
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