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  • MIAF 2024 winners

    With so many amazing films in MIAF this year we don’t envy the challenge the judges face in deciding which films get the highest honours. After one of the longest deliberation sessions in MIAF’s history, here are the films they selected. Congratulations to Pawel, Isabella, and Yunlin & Tori, and of course to the full…

  • Thank you MIAF 2024

    What an amazing journey we’ve had at MIAF this year! Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us and made this festival an incredible success. Your passion for animation and support for the arts is truly appreciated! We were blown away by the talent and creativity on display throughout the festival. The films, Q&As, and…

  • Festival guide

    We’ve put together a little festival guide. This is for people who haven’t been to Melbourne International Animation Festival before, or after a bit more info. We cover a bunch of topics: Tickets – we’ll update this as more sell out. Venues – where they are and how to get there. Food & drink –…

  • Opening Night sold out

    Opening Night is Sold Out. This includes all seats for both the Australian Student Showcase and Australian Showcase. The following passes are no longer available: BINGE Passes are still on sale. We have individual tickets for weeknight sessions and most of closing weekend… for now. Get in your tickets while you still can.

  • Festival Passes sold out

    Festival Passes are now all sold out. Thank you for all the support. And congratulations to those lucky few who picked up a pass to see EVERYTHING. Other passes still available: Don’t miss out. You can see the full list of tickets online. Or see the full MIAF 2024 program.

  • MIAF 2024 Trailer

    We’re super excited to annouce we have a trailer for MIAF 2024. Directed by Chadai Chamoun (Instagram and website), the trailer is a mix of phenakistiscope animations from the students of 2024 Sa’ili le ala Pasifika Youth Arts Worshop. A modern nod to one of the earliest versions of animation. Thanks to Tom Tsirogiannis (Instagram) for the…

  • MIAF 2024 program live

    The full program for MIAF 2024 is now live. You’ll find a the list of all 29 sessions. Each with the films listed. Tickets are now avalible for all sessions, as well as a range of passes. Ticket details here.

  • MIAF 2024 details up

    We now have details up on most parts of MIAF 2024. Head over to the festival page to see it all. Schedule, venue info, ticket options & prices, and an overview of sessions can all be found. You’ll see we’ve extended the program from 20 to 29 sessions this year! Nearly 50% more MIAF goodness.…

  • Less than two months to go!

    We’re getting closer. There’s less than two months until MIAF 2024, 5 – 12 May 2024. To hear about the details first and get access to early tickets, sign up to our mailing list.

  • MIAF 2024 Film Submissions CLOSED

    Entries are now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who submitted a film. We’ll be reviewing them ALL and getting back to you over the next few months. MIAF 2024 Film Submissions dates Opened: Closed: