International Animation Day starts here…

International Animation Day ASIFA poster

Spiritus Mundi: Animating The World
12:00 Midnight Thursday 29th Oct – Melbourne Time (AEDT)
ASIFA International Animation Day

International Animation Day ASIFA poster
International Animation Day ASIFA poster

International Animation Day is celebrating a huge 60TH ASIFA Anniversary and a milestone 19 years of championing animation as an artform and medium for artistic expression.

This year, as part of International Animation Day, ASIFA chapters and partners from around the world created up to 2 minutes of animated story that gives insight about what makes them unique, what is significant for them as people of their region, culture, land, language and what they wish to communicate about themselves. The project has taken shape as a multicultural, multinational, network of artists delivering, via the artform of animation, the untapped potential for communicating about our shared humanity.

The combined film is called Spiritus Mundi: Animating the World and is inspired by W.B. Yeats who saw Spiritus Mundi as the world spirit that provides inspiration to the poet or writer.

Amidst contributing animator-guests of the Australian ASIFA chapter is MIAF’s own producer and sometimes-programmer Annie Murray, with her piece ‘This Is Mine’ which posits the question, amidst growing global prejudice – what really matters? Our differences? Or our similarities. Her desire to spark curiosity and then swiftly depart from administering the direction it might take shows in the minimalist message of the piece and invites the viewer to question the message lurking behind the visuals with which they are presented.

This Is Mine
This Is Mine – Annie Murray (International Animation Day, ASIFA chapter)

She is kept in very good company alongside long-time MIAF screening legend, Paul Fletcher who’s 2019 MIAF retrospective showcased his vast array of abstract, multi-disciplinary animated films. A prolific creative, animator, musician and film maker, Paul has recently performed within the Isolation Improvisation Collective (IIC) alongside IIC Creative Director, Pat Telfer and contributor Annie Murray. The collaborative work created by the IIC will be included in Spiritus Mundi and boasts an impressive amount of creative talent by the free collective group of animators, dancers, visual artists, composers, instrumentalists and vocalists who came together to create real time art via live Zoom session. Each unique session was recorded and then edited into the once off piece to be included in Spiritus Mundi. The IIC will be performing at part of the MPavilion 2020 online events schedule and welcomes your attendance.

IIC Zoom screenshot
Isolation Improvisation Collective (IIC) Zoom session

The full film Spiritus Mundi will be screened via YouTube link at midnight on Thursday 29th Oct (AEST) … so, stay up late Wednesday night for those that are Melbournites) and will include interviews with animators and contributors. We invite you to tune in and check it out. In the meantime…

Sneak peek the TRAILER right here

And go global – here’s the BIG PICTURE for what’s going on right around the world this International Animation Day: Facebook page and on YouTube and on the webpage