Nukufilm Catch-Up: The Best New Nuku Films


“Nuku” is Estonian for “puppet” and Nukufilm is one of the greatest fountains of imaginative, boundary-pushing puppet films in the world. No European programming trip was complete without a visit and no MIAF was complete without the latest Nukufilm offerings up on the big screen where they belong.

The covid lockdowns put paid to both of those traditions but now it’s time to catch up. Here is a collection of the best Nukufilm titles we would have screened in those dark years; this is THE essential Nukufilm catch-up. Prepared to be amazed.pidly changing animation scene that is going from strength to strength before our very eyes.

Dog Apartment – Priit Tender

Dog Apartment
Priit Tender
Estonia, 14’00, 2022
The absurdist, everyday dramas of Sergei, a slowly decaying ballet dancer battling against the mundane whilst living in a barking apartment.

Til We Meet Again – Ulo Pikkov

Til We Meet Again
Ulo Pikkov
Estonia, 14’00, 2021
Finally able to return to her island home after many years away, an elderly woman finds strangers living in the house that was once – and still is – hers.

The Little Other – Andres Tenusaar

The Little Other
Andres Tenusaar
Estonia, 12’00, 2024
Waiting to be born, two twins prepare for a world that will view them as identical but treat one as ordinary and the other as the trickster he surely is.

Antipolis – Kaspar Jancis

Kaspar Jancis
Estonia, 26’00, 2023
Some people believe that the world is flat, while others think that under the crust of the Earth another civilisation – so called “Antipolis” – exists. Would you believe it even if you saw it?


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May 06 2024


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