Meet The Filmmaker: John Astley & Emily Burridge [2023]


Meet The Filmmaker: John Astley & Emily Burridge
“Into Lyrebird Gully” – 3 Years In The Making

When John Astley sat down to make the film that he hoped would define his studies as an animation student and pave the way for a career making independent animated films, he never imagined that the production would be years in the making. In his mind were characters, a particular natural environment and the ghost-lines of a story that involved a combination of procedural rescue drama and animated magical realism. But he, along with the film’s producer Emily Burridge and his two-person animation team wanted to get it right. Two and half years in and “Into Lyrebird Gully” is almost there, with a crew & family screening scheduled for early July.

John and Emily sit down to talk us through this wild yet slow motion ride and in the process a picture of the myriad challenges that face many animators on the twisting roadway to production will emerge.

A screening of a ‘Work In Progress’ version of the film will be part of this session with plenty of room for discussion about what-coulda-been and what-still-could-be.

Into Lyrebird Gully – John Astley & Emily Burridge

Into Lyrebird Gully
John Astley & Emily Burridge
Australia, [WIP]


This session is classified: Unclassified (M) Mature, not recommended for viewers under 15 years.

Please note that Backlot is NOT fully accessible. There are stairs with handrails, but no lift to the second floor where the cinema is located.


May 09 2023


5:45 pm – 6:30 pm

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