Meet The Filmmaker: 4 Makers / 3 Films [2023]

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Meet The Filmmaker: 4 Makers / 3 Films
Creative Interventions: Using Animation to Bring Live Action to Life

The capacity for animation to bring an extra dimension to an otherwise live-action film is virtually limitless. The wonder is that it doesn’t happen more often. Small injections of the kind of miracles that only animation can conjure can give a live action film a dimension it simply could not create any other way. In a lot of cases, simply the fact that the ‘intervention’ is animated creates a kind of ‘permission path’ that empowers the audiences’ willingness to suspend disbelief and let themselves be taken to places that they wouldn’t follow a live action character into.

But making all of these disparate pieces fit together in a way that allows the wheels to turn rather than the gears to grind takes a particular kind of teamwork; an appreciation of what will work best on the part of the animators and a willingness to work outside of orthodox live action filmmaking rules by the director.

This session brings together four makers who, between them, worked on three films that each wove animation into the fabric of live action narratives in very different ways. Gaden Sousa turned over substantial portions of his film “Dream Again” to animator Chadai Chamoun to breathe a kind of anthropomorphic alchemy into his film. Lachlan Gordon turned to A.I. to blend together the real and the unreal in “Pollutant” and Nick Kallincoss will talk about the animated moments he created for a feature length film screening on Netflix.

After watching “Dream Again”, “Pollutant” and edited highlights of Nick Kallincoss’ work, we will sit down with the makers and try and discuss this bringing together of mediums.

Dream Again – Gaden Sousa

Dream Again
Gaden Sousa
Australia, 2021

Tickets are Sold Out

This session is classified: Unclassified (M) Mature, not recommended for viewers under 15 years.

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May 11 2023


5:45 pm – 6:30 pm

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