Masters Of Mayhem: The Brothers McLeod Showcase_2019


This Stratford-upon-Avon based studio, built from the ground up by Greg and Myles McLeod, must be one hell of an interesting place to work. Somehow they’ve harnessed the raw chaotic anarchy of their imaginations and built an award winning studio that continues to go from strength to strength while still turning out some of the best crafted, well thought out pieces of animated insanity this side of whatever’s hiding on the other side. This will definitely be a night to remember.


Here’s A Brilliant Idea
The Brothers McLeod
UK, 1’00, 2016
What are ideas? Tiny fairy burps that invade our thoughts. Invisible worms that sing directly into our brain cells.

Fuggy Fuggy
The Brothers McLeod
UK, 5’00, 2009
Fuggy Fuggy. Fuggy. Fugggggy. Fuggy Fuggy

The Brothers McLeod
UK, 3’39, 2008
A subconscious drift through a surreal stream of consciousness postcards depicting uncanny characters at crucial moments in their briefly glimpsed stories.

The Existential Pleading Of The Inner Heart
The Brothers McLeod
UK, 4’32, 2011
Interior monologues of a particularly “looking-out-the-window-and-thinking-pretty-hard” nature.

The Brothers McLeod
UK, 1’31,
A rolicking pastiche of blink and you miss ’em vignettes of comedically philosophical violence for all the family.

Isle Of Spagg
The Brothers McLeod
UK, 29’00, 2011
On the other side of the Vertic Sea where things are distinctly fishier a beloved pet will die which could be the catalyst for a new scientific breakthrough or religious conversion.

Phone Home
The Brothers McLeod
UK, 2’23, 2012
You’d think a phone call direct from Mars would stir a bit more excitement than this.

365-One Year, One Film, One Second A Day
The Brothers McLeod
UK, 6’55, 2014
A year’s worth of quick fire animated thought bubbles from a couple of the bubblest imaginations around.

The Brothers McLeod
UK, 2’03, 2015
It’s Lava Fish Day and something’s not right. Time to take a ride in the Chopper Chopper.

The Inverted Peak
The Brothers McLeod
UK, 5’40, 2016
There’s only one question worth knowing the answer to. And that’s “who’s in control”?

Other Paul
The Brothers McLeod
UK, 2’41, 2018
Paul was pretty relaxed with the other Paul even if Gina wasn’t until the other Gina took over from the other Paul.

The Brothers McLeod
UK, 8’22, 2017
An out-there travelogue to an out-there town.


Jul 18 2019


8:15 pm - 9:35 pm

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Treasury Theatre
Lower Plaza, 1 Macarthur St, Melbourne VIC 3000