Special Guest: James Cunningham Retrospective + Q&A_2019


James Cunningham is a 3D CG animator of astonishing expertise. “Poppy” won a SIGGRAPH Grand Jury Prize in 2010, “Infection” was selected for screening in competition in Cannes, “Delf” was selected for the Saatchi & Saatchi new directors Global showcase – to name just a few highlights. His role as teacher and mentor has also seen him train a new generation of CG animators for some of the most demanding studios in the world. James travels to MIAF 19 to introduce his best films, talk about his work and answer your questions about the world of CG animation.

James Cunningham
New Zealand, 5’45, 1997
Two digitally engineered life forms explode onto the screen in an intense chase scene.

James Cunningham
New Zealand, 3’45, 1998
In a skewed look at human/computer relations, a belligerent digital light blinds our hero forcing him to consider physical disablement to end the incomprehensible pain.

James Cunningham
New Zealand, 8’37, 2000
A mutant hero. A virtual bank heist. A digital action thriller. The perfect digital crime!

James Cunningham
New Zealand, 10’50, 2009
Two New Zealand soldiers trapped behind enemy lines in WWI Europe discover an orphaned baby in a ditch. One wants to save it, one does not.

Das Tub
James Cunningham
New Zealand, 4’05, 2010
Lost in the frozen depths of the Atlantic a German U-Boat crew find themselves on a collision course with objects stranger than they can fathom.

Time For Change
James Cunningham
New Zealand, 2’37, 2010
Lederhosen, accordions, and desire for a young blonde are oiled with a keen sense of black humour in this twisted tale of an odd relationship meltdown.

Rotting Hill
James Cunningham
New Zealand, 4’10, 2012
It is not easy to find love, especially if you are falling apart, stinky and a little bloody around the edges. Welcome to Rotting Hill

Over The Moon
James Cunningham
New Zealand, 7’15, 2013
A feminist space adventure about kick-ass comic book heroine Connie Radar as she attempts to prevent the first moon landing.

James Cunningham
New Zealand, 5’35, 2013
Two slacker robots discover they are about to be replaced by humans.

Accidents, Blunders And Calamities
James Cunningham
New Zealand, 5’25, 2015
Inspired by an Edward Gorey classic. A father possum reads his kids an ABC story of the most dangerous animal of all… humans.

Kitten Witch
James Cunningham
New Zealand, 9’10, 2016
A precocious kitten wants to become a witch’s familiar, but she will be nothing more than a simple cat unless she can pass a series of tests.


Jul 20 2019


4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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Treasury Theatre
Lower Plaza, 1 Macarthur St, Melbourne VIC 3000