International Program #4: Abstract Showcase_2019


MIAF prides itself on ensuring abstract and experimental animation stands tall as part of the mix of animation on show. As usual, our annual Abstract Showcase brings the best of this vibrant animation genre to the big screen.

The back-bone of the whole MIAF mission. One of seven stunning programs showcasing the awesome diversity of animation made up from 4,000+ submissions. Every technique, every genre, every style – your annual window into the international indie animation universe.


7.6 Billion
Paul Fletcher
Australia, 6’33, 2018
A virtual sky awash with a digital aurora.

Richard Reeves
Canada, 2’00, 2018
An exploration of the relationship between sound and picture inspired by the two lights (twi-light) found inside film projectors.

Bird Milk
Christopher Strickler
Canada, 4’33, 2018
Bird Milk is an abstract experimental animated film inspired by the work of the legendary Norman McLaren.

Lueur d’Espoir
Damien Tran
Germany, 1’54, 2018
A pounding synthesisation of striking, bold black and white imagery.

Dirk de Bruyn
Australia, 4’03, 2018
Channelling Lye and McLaren, de Bruyn continues his explorations of ‘direct-to-film’ inspired artwork barely contained within the frame.

Down Escalation
Shunsaku Hayashi
Japan, 7’24, 2018
A precariously constrained descent into the abstracted DNA of a subterranean cityscape.

13 Years Later
Alexander Dupuis
USA, 4’55, 2018
A perfect blending of the art of maths and the maths of art.

Let X Equal X
Colin Stanhill
USA, 3’06, 2017
A perfect skydive into the fantasmagorie.

Bastien Dupriez
France, 3’51, 2017
With a rushing smear, a cyclist begins his race.

Mille Regretz
Jean Detheux
Canada, 4’00, 2018
Another example of Detheux’s enchanting work, this year deepened by some outstanding live performance experiences.

Fly Us To The Moons
Austria, 6’00, 2017
A swarm of forms, reminiscent of alien spaceships or mechanical bats suspended in space.

David Delafuente
USA, 4’00, 2018
The function of the wrestler is not to win. It is to go through the motions that are expected of him.

Deep Blue And Dirty
Alyssa Rothwell
Australia, 5’35, 2018
A tactile, layered animation in paint improvised in response to Andrew Schultz’s work for bassoon and piano.

Huang Xiaowen
Hong Kong, 4’14, 2018
A stunning piece of imagined night cartography rendered in an intricately crafted digital filigree.

VIVAldi VVinter
Theodore Ushev
Japan, 9’48, 2018
A deep dive into a snowstorm of structural chaos and a blizzard of exploding gestural animation.


Jul 16 2019


6:15 pm - 7:35 pm

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Treasury Theatre
Lower Plaza, 1 Macarthur St, Melbourne VIC 3000