International Program #2_2019


The back-bone of the whole MIAF mission. One of seven stunning programs showcasing the awesome diversity of animation made up from 4,000+ submissions. Every technique, every genre, every style – your annual window into the international indie animation universe.

Jim Zipper
Alexandre Roy
Canada, 1’59, 2018
A Picasso-esque joie-de-vie screen-burst of glorious pinscreen animation.

Justine Vuylsteker
Canada, 5’28, 2018
Standing still in front of the open window, a woman stares at the dark clouds that obscure the sky.

The Juggler
Skirmanta Jakaite
France, 11’05, 2018
A delicately jagged reminder that each of our own individual little worlds are strung together by an invisible, infinite thread.

Jacky De Groen
Belgium, 11’35, 2018
An eerily evocative moment in the life of a young man who finds himself on the threshold of an initiation.

Kat Morris
Canada, 2’56, 2018
Somewhere out in the woods time, space and reality are beginning to bend – and it’s only breakfast time.

Love He Said
Ines Sedan
France, 5’40, 2018
Soaring, roaring – poet Charles Bukowski takes to the stage to read his iconic poem “Love” to an audience more than ready for the big man.

About A Woman Who Wanted To Fly Away
Sasha Svirsky
Russia, 7’45, 2018
A masterpiece of mayhem and montage harvesting a rich cache of ideas drawn from a uniquely Russian take on ‘transhumanism’.

David Midgley
New Zealand, 4’00, 2018
Thomas is trapped inside a fabricated reality he can’t be sure is real.

Paper Trail
Jake Fried
USA, 1’00, 2017
Too good to resist. Another one minute magnum-opus vault through the imagination of Jake Fried.

Long Meg And Her Daughters
Margaret Barry
USA, 3’28, 2018
In a strange, faraway land Long Meg contemplates nature and all its wondrous mutations and oddities.

Candy Land
Gracie Pryor, Ham Firouzan
USA, 3’30, 2017
Sure, it’s a little hyper but who wouldn’t want to live in Candy Land.

Solar Walk
Reka Bucsi
Denmark, 20’51, 2018
A post-imagination tour-de-force following a journey through a landscape of softly unfolding hallucinogenic change.


Jul 14 2019


7:30 pm - 8:50 pm

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Treasury Theatre
Lower Plaza, 1 Macarthur St, Melbourne VIC 3000