International Program #2

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The back-bone of the whole MIAF mission. One of seven stunning programs showcasing the awesome diversity of animation made up from 4,000+ submissions. Every technique, every genre, every style – your annual window into the international indie animation universe.

My Generation
Ludovic Houplain
France, 8’05, 2018 (SL)
A rush in reverse down a six lane highway through every great plague of our time: art, data, sports, religion, sex, politics and finance.

Any Instant Whatever
Michelle Brand
UK, 5’23, 2019 (NL)
A man in a room in a film – a journey into our perception of time, bodies, objects and our ability to comprehend the full motion of things.

The Taste Of Loneliness
Laura Passalacqua
France, 1’57, 2018 (NL)
The bedroom is an empty place, the garden full of huge, weirdly familiar entities and here an astonished character begins a curious self-analysis.

Alphabets Heaven
Natalia Ryss
Canada, 3’09, 2019 (Sung)
The rough hewn digital torn paper style of this music video proves to be the perfect design match for the velvet electric feel of the music.

Trauma Chameleon
Gina Kamentsky
USA, 2’50, 2019 (NL)
An escaped laboratory rat navigates through a sea of punctuation.

I’m Going Out For Cigarettes
Osman Cerfon
France, 13’35, 2019 (Subs)
Jonathan, a 12-year-old boy, lives with his mother and sister in an apartment that harbours men living in the drawers and cupboards.

Dreams Into Drawing
Koji Yamamura
Japan, 10’10, 2019 (SL)
The painter Kuwagata Keisai lived over 200 years ago He created “Ways To Sketch” a series of richly illustrated picture books.

Rachel Fitzgerald
Ireland, 2’50, 2019 (SL)
“What a lie it is to say that love conquers all. I would have danced on fire for you. But….”

Candy Shop
Patrick Smith
USA, 2’30, 2019 (NL)
Pills and capsules choreographed into a cacophonous satirical commentary on our infatuation with prescription drugs.

Airship Of Unknown Direction
Alexandra Galitskova
Russia, 5’00, 2019 (NL)
This is a story about Rain, who wants to fly but fate has other plans for her.

The Wings
Riho Unt
Estonia, 12’30, 2020 (Subs)
Jaan, an eccentric inventor is about to launch into the sky when he is joined by the spirits of da Vinci and his neglected wife.

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May 15 2021


4:00 pm - 5:25 pm
ACMI - Cinema 1


ACMI - Cinema 1
Fed Square, Melbourne VIC 3000