International Program #1

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The back-bone of the whole MIAF mission. One of seven stunning programs showcasing the awesome diversity of animation made up from 4,000+ submissions. Every technique, every genre, every style – your annual window into the international indie animation universe.

Piotr Milczarek
Poland, 5’00, 2019 (NL)
An unusual rain and one anonymous super hero’s thankless effort to stem the tide.

There Were Four Of Us
Cassie Shao
USA, 6’47, 2019 (Subs)
Four characters trapped in a room try to divine the reason behind a death.

The Flounder
Elizabeth Hobbs
UK, 6’30, 2019 (NL)
One day a humble fisherman catches an enchanted fish. Can the fish help him and his wife improve their lot?

PuWu-R 1
Sasha Svirsky
Russia, 1’07, 2019 (NL)
Another all colour, all noise, all changing rocket ride from one of our favourite artists!

Live A Little
Jenny Jokela
UK, 3’43, 2019 (SL)
A visual poem about struggling to fit in to a patriarchal society’s views on how a young woman should behave.

400 MPH
Paul-Eugène Dannaud, Julia Chaix, Lorraine Desserre, Alice Lefort, Natacha Pianeti, Quentin Tireloque
France, 4’48, 2019 (NL)
A high octane, high definition, close up view of the animal urge to go faster than anybody dreamed possible.

Mateusz Lenart
Poland, 6’00, 2019 (NL)
A day in the life of a man who does everything to change the reality he lives in, even if just for a moment.

Lursaguak. Scenes From Life
Izibene Onederra
Spain, 11’52, 2019 (SL)
As Hélène Cixous said, we live in a time when millions of voles of an unknown species are undermining the conceptual basis of an age-old culture.

Uncle Thomas – Accounting For The Days
Regina Pessoa
Portugal, 13’04, 2019 (Subs)
An exquisitely crafted tribute to Pessoa’s eccentric uncle, an artistic inspiration who played a key role in her becoming a filmmaker.

Girl In The Hallway
Valerie Barnhart
Canada, 10’29, 2018 (SL)
Why does ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ give Jamie nightmares? It’s been 15 years, and the girl in the hallway haunts him still.

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May 14 2021


6:00 pm - 7:25 pm
ACMI - Cinema 1


ACMI - Cinema 1
Fed Square, Melbourne VIC 3000