Installation Animation Showcase_2019


Emanuele Kabu
Italy, 2’27, 2018
What the eye sees the brain must translate.

First Ways
Ghin Liew
UK, 3’55, 2018
A stunning voyage through a universe of paint and colour.

Glass Bird
Dan Wang, Shuoyu Chen, Lexuan Song, Yunqian Xu
Hong Kong, 3’31, 2018
“There is a kind of bird who will use his life to sing the most beautiful songs”.

Crossing Over
Lotti Bauer
Switzerland, 4’00, 2018
A full speed visual essay on metallic deconstructionism.

Artist And Friend
Daniel Wesseik
Netherlands, 1’52, 2018
Some artists have to fight with their imagery, some co-op to help make the art.

L’Oiseau Qui Danse
Jean-Marie Marbach
France, 2’14, 2018
Animated with particles on music by Canadian band Tennyson, this film follows the journey of an origami bird into a field of light.

Vision Of One Day
Naoya Shibahara
Japan, 1’10, 2018
A vision of this day or for another better one to come?

Thomas McGilvray
USA, 11’00, 2018
In an all shiney world the path forward is as hard to fathom as the energy source driving the machine.

Ryan Rumbolt, Arm Sattavorn, Juan Pontaroli, John Black
Canada, 2’33, 2018
Some peace, some quiet, some doubts, some…

Beyond The Ball
Dana Sink
USA, 3’52, 2018
Another exquisitely crafted ‘mind machine’ from the unique imagination of Sana Sink.

Francois Vogel
France, 4’10, 2018
An elegant ballet of gorgeously realised distortion.

Last Dance
Zhaoyu Zhou
USA, 2’46, 2017
An extraordinary navigation through the nuance of ancient Chinese dance via the powerful intricacies of ultra-fluid CGI.

Alex Karaconji
Australia, 5’52, 2018
A subtly vivid reconstruction of the first hour of the filmmaker’s day.

4 States Of Matter
Miguel Pires de Matos
Portugal, 12’48, 2018
An abstract journey through the four major states of matter: solid, liquid, gaseous and plasma channelling a kind of digital Fischinger.

Kevin Perrin
France, 6’10, 2018
A navigation through a landscape that sits between digital tectonic destruction and pre-pixelating still-life states.


Jul 13 2019


3:00 pm - 4:10 pm

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Treasury Theatre
Lower Plaza, 1 Macarthur St, Melbourne VIC 3000