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Estonia’s EKA Academy of Arts is home to one of the finest, most open and diverse animation courses in Europe, if not the world. It draws students from around the European union who seek to create unique animated films that stand as individual, creative statements, not as calling cards for a life in the commercial animation production machine. Any technique, any subject, any style – it’s all (and only) about the animator and their desire to learn and grow as animators. Late last year MIAF Director visited EKA, got the tour of the brand new building and came home with a copy of every film created there in the last 20 years. A selection of their new films are scattered through our International competition programs but this program showcases some of the best, most important work from that 20 year history.

300g/m2 – Kamila Kucíkova

Kamila Kucíkova
Estonia, 5’33, 2018
It can be a mixed up, crazy, upside down world – black is white, white is black, nothing fits.

5th Round – Leander Meresaar

5th Round
Leander Meresaar
Estonia, 5’05, 2017
The 5th round is where it all comes together. But the lessons can be harsh and getting to the heart of the matter is just the beginning.

Cante – Teresa Baroet

Teresa Baroet
Estonia, 5’00, 2019
An anonymous man, alone in a sterile environment of an office, finds an unexpected tempo as the sounds of traditional singing begin to ring out in his world.

Bouillabaisse – Yyhely Halvin

Yyhely Halvin
Estonia, 5’50, 2016
It takes a lot more  than knives and dead seafood to make a bouillabaisse this wickedly good.

Corner – Lucija Mrzljak

Lucija Mrzljak
Estonia, 2’06, 2016
Only animation can build worlds like these. And only animators can show us how they can be navigated.

Drunk In Berlin – Lyza Jarvis

Drunk In Berlin
Lyza Jarvis
Estonia, 5’47, 2021
After a night of drinking into the early hours communicating can become ‘interesting’. How can we be understood when our words fail us?

Eluvaim – Anne Mirjam Kraav

Anne Mirjam Kraav
Estonia, 4’10, 2017
Who’s that knocking at the door? Destiny? OK but why does he act that way? A journey into and then through the surreal.

International Father’s Day – Edmunds Jansons

International Father’s Day
Edmunds Jansons
Estonia, 5’00, 2012
Sure, father’s day is a big deal for the humans but for your average bird it’s just another day at the office – and the young’uns are hungry.

Mouthful Of Water – Siim Raud

Mouthful Of Water
Siim Raud
Estonia, 4’35, 2020
It’s not every day that your normal morning rituals get interrupted by a stampede.

At The End Of The Day – Lilli-Kroot Repnau

At The End Of The Day
Lilli-Kroot Repnau
Estonia, 3’35, 2015
A stunningly realised expedition of animated pointillism: exquisitely crafted world-making forming before your very eyes.

On The Other Side Of The Woods – Anu-Laura Tuttelberg

On The Other Side Of The Woods
Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
Estonia, 10’09, 2014
A clay doll awakens the tentacles of the surreal forest domain she finds herself in. A fairy tale shot in natural light to trap the mood and magic of its world.

Small House – Kristjan Holm

Small House
Kristjan Holm
Estonia, 6’15, 2008
A strange tale of a man who for some reason just cannot fall asleep. An early offering from Estonia’s maestro of mayhem.

Rise And Fall Of W.C. – Martinus Daane Klemet

Rise And Fall Of W.C.
Martinus Daane Klemet
Estonia, 5’40, 2011
Two kids heading for a visit with Grandma who lives by the sea intersect with two stag beetles trying to have a romantic dinner. (Best Of The Fest – MIAF, 2012)

Senior’s Choice – Ave Taavet

Senior’s Choice
Ave Taavet
Estonia, 9’09, 2015
A chaotic, full rainbow journey to and beyond the light fantastic – back top baby’s arms!


This session is classified: Unclassified (M) Mature, not recommended for viewers under 15 years.

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May 11 2024


3:00 pm – 4:10 pm

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