Australian Student Showcase_2019


Our Australian Student Showcase offers up an exciting window on Australia’s rising stars.

Olga’s Self Insert Fanfiction
Ella Sanderson, Georgette Stefoulis (UTS)
Australia, 3’49, 2018
When will you do something with your life? Fanfiction IS my life!

Old Friends
Steven Morris (SAE)
Australia, 1’38, 2018
An exquisitely simple philosophy on life, love, death and loss recorded back in 1924.

Hand That Rocked The Cradle
Derrick Duan (VCA)
Australia, 1’28, 2018
An eerie slow dance through an intriguing twilight zone.

Sam Jeffress (Newcastle)
Australia, 2’25, 2018
A submersion into a gentle pastel abstract vision.

Jasper Turpie (VCA)
Australia, 1’20, 2018
Emily is definitely not experiencing the smoothest ride on the road to greater understanding.

Ruby Pettigrew (RMIT)
Australia, 3’30, 2018
It can be hard to interpret the meaning of life’s littlest moments when you’re growing up.

Vant Westeinde, Jian Lee (Deakin)
Australia, 2’18, 2018
You are not alone here. They live and breathe in the circle of a tightened fist.

Deep Sea Pearl
Raven Law (Newcastle)
Australia, 1’54, 2018
There’s someone for everyone – sometimes it’s just a matter of having the courage to reach out.

Corey Morgan (Griffith)
Australia, 5’10, 2018
Sometimes things are always what they seem…. Sometimes they are.

Dog And Drone
Giselle Crowther (CSU)
Australia, 3’20, 2018
Kids, don’t try this at home!

Lisa Mann (Holmesglen)
Australia, 5’10, 2018
The accident that threatens to shut down the animation studio “Leuc” is more complicated than it first appears.

Lauren Buttfield (RMIT)
Australia, 2’56, 2018
One tentacle at a time she is drawn backwards into an ever-darkening world beyond the greenhouse.

Harrison Mynott (Deakin)
Australia, 3’54, 2018
If I punch myself in the face and it hurts does that make me weak or strong?

Thomas Shulz (JMC)
Australia, 1’03, 2019
The CIA is after me! That can’t be good – even if it’s not really true.

Nothing Sound And Nothing True
Sarah Young, Tanya McEvoy (Deakin)
Australia, 2’31, 2018
The gentlest of journeys through an increasingly shattering world.

One Job Too Many
Hannah Rosie (Holmesglen)
Australia, 3’48, 2018
When your one graduating skills turns out to be destroying things, getting a job can be tough.

Werner And Adele
Kirsten Hoffman (VCA)
Australia, 4’05, 2018
Werner and Adele are facing some interesting end-of-life challenges with trippy lo-fi graphic humour.

Zoe Papatheohari (Swinburne)
Australia, 4’08, 2019
In a deserted highway servo, a little girl and a space-bear do lunch.

From The Depths
Greg Bates (Swinburne)
Australia, 4’09, 2018
Every monster has his day!

The Arcane Brew
Lincoln Glasby (VCA)
Australia, 3’10, 2018
Gary wants his coffee and he wants it NOW.

Eldritch Kid Juggernaught
Xena Achilleos, Katie Giefer, Melody Borg (Griffith)
Australia, 3’10, 2018
On a spooky midnight train, two gunmen go to work.

The Bestest Job
Giuiette Lugara (Swinburne)
Australia, 4’35, 2018
Bestest jobs are a matter of perspective but a father’s work is never done.


Jul 13 2019


5:00 pm - 6:20 pm

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Treasury Theatre
Lower Plaza, 1 Macarthur St, Melbourne VIC 3000