Opening Screening: Australian Showcase

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Nobody screens more Australian animation than MIAF. We proudly open the festival each year with the Australian Showcase which surveys the incredible artistry and skill of Australian animators.

Meanwhile, At The Abandoned Factory…
Michael Cusack
An intrepid reporter, in a race against explosive oblivion, puts out the call for Super Hero assistance. There’s just one problem…

Boom Boom
Scott Franceschini
Australia, 3’40, 2019
Classic, old-school cartoony styling and the Boom-Boom vibe of an old-time Speak Easy.

Begin Again
Glynn Urquhart
Australia, 3’00, 2020
Plagued by questions around his own existence, a man is born anew.

In My Own Skin
Huni Bolliger, Johanna Bell
Australia, 4’42, 2019
Aboriginal woman Elliana Lawford’s moving tale about shedding her cultural shame.

An Etude
Sal Cooper, Flight Risk
Australia, 2’49, 2018
An Etude is an hallucinatory hand drawn animation that explores the interior emotional states that precede a dissociative crisis.

Pythagorean Theory
Phil Henderson
Australia, 3’25, 2019
Who needs triangles? Apparently, the hippopotamus is the correct semi-aquatic mammal to ask. Pythagoras? Never heard of her.

Red Earth
Michael Kenny
Australia, 2019, 4’32
A timely, evocative window on a changing environment that will ultimately affect every creature which lives in it.

Eva Collins
Australia, 4’52, 2020
A little girl’s love of Stalin is suddenly shattered.

Night, Good Night
Vann Law
Australia, 1’41, 2019
Every night, a promise is kept. As the sun sets, a special train runs to escort a passenger back into the city before dawn.

Home Is Inside Us – 2020 Vision
Paul Fletcher
Australia, 5’49, 2020
Where are the homes of our longings, hopes and collective dreams?

One Night Only
Matt Bissett-Johnson
Australia, 1’42, 2018
The Amazing Pigly puts on the show of a lifetime. No refunds.

Daryl Munton
Australia, 3’15, 2019
Living in a wasteland of discarded junk, way below the beautiful floating city, a young junk yard dweller chases after her only valuable possession.

The Aevum Circle
Andrew C Formosa
Australia, 6’43, 2020
In this fantastical world of sword and sorcery, of machine and magic a centuries-long peace has held between the great cities of Vysidia and Eth Duur.

The Wanderer
Savva Tsekmes
Australia, 2’27, 2020
Based on the giant-impact hypothesis, “The Wanderer” is an ode to the moon as our Earth’s oldest companion.

Dear Richo
Bryce Pemberton
Australia, 4’20, 2018
Some unfinished business in the bush leads a bonehead to make a choice to escape his own fate.

Under The Flight Path
Hans Bildstein
Australia, 7’00, 2019
A hyper-animated attempt to capture the devastating effects of rampant cowboy capitalism.

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May 13 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
ACMI - Cinema 1


ACMI - Cinema 1
Fed Square, Melbourne VIC 3000