MIAF 2024

Melbourne International Animation Festival

Opening Night Pass

Both sessions on opening night at Treasury Theatre. (5 May)
$26 full, $20 concession.


5 competition programs at Treasury Theatre. (11-12 May)
$48 full, $40 concession.

Treasury Pass

Everything at Treasury Theatre. (5, 11-12 May)
$95 full, $70 concession.

Festival Pass

Treasury Theatre and The Backlot Studios. (5-12 May)
$125 full, $100 concession.

Or buy an Individual ticket from the Full Program below. $19 full, $16 concession.

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  • MIAF 2024 Trailer

    We’re super excited to annouce we have a trailer for MIAF 2024. Directed by Chadai Chamoun ( and, the trailer is a mix of phenakistiscope animations. A modern nod to one of the earliest versions of animation. Thanks to Tom Tsirogiannis ( for the music that really brings this to life.

  • MIAF 2024 program live

    The full program for MIAF 2024 is now live. You’ll find a the list of all 29 sessions. Each with the films listed. Tickets are now avalible for all sessions, as well as a range of passes. Ticket details here.

  • MIAF 2024 details up

    We now have details up on most parts of MIAF 2024. Head over to the festival page to see it all. Schedule, venue info, ticket options & prices, and an overview of sessions can all be found. You’ll see we’ve extended the program from 20 to 29 sessions this year! Nearly 50% more MIAF goodness.…

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