MIAF 2023 Entry Form

A separate entry form is required for each submission.
However, if you are a school or a distributor wishing to enter multiple films please contact us directly at entries@miaf.net to be supplied with a Multiple Entry Form.

Please ensure you have read and understand the MIAF Regulations before completing this form below.

If Yes, please provide film with English subtitles.
Please put a '/' between Director names.
Please put a '/' between Producer names.
Please put a '/' between Editors names.
Please put a '/' between Animator names.
(130 Characters WITH spaces or less)
OR, transfer your file (VOB or MPEG4 preferred) via WeTransfer or DropBox and email link to entries@miaf.net
I declare that I own the rights of the film (including music/soundtrack rights) outlined on this form and that I have the authority to enter it into the Melbourne International Animation Festival.