Friday Freaks


Can’t get enough of Late Night Bizarre? Not to worry. Here’s an extra dose of the strange, outlandish, and straight-up offensive. Get your freak on.

The Absorber
Ray Fenwick
Canada, 3’28, 2018 (SL)
A gentle warning from the post-human, non-transcendent sentinel of the threshold.

Hao Yen Chuang, Lang Tu
USA, 3’10, 2019 (NL)
A truly hellish hybrid mutant is fused together from within the bowels of a sinister creational furnace.

From The Pit
Marco Belli
Italy, 4’37, 2019 (Subs)
After falling into a pit from which escape seems impossible, a man eventually adapts in order to survive.

Human Nature
Sverre Fredriksen, Zaou Vaughan, Marike Verbiest
Netherlands, 2’15, 2019 (NL)
The grotesquery of role reversal platforms a delve into the love animals have for people, and the harm they cause to us.

Risto Kutt
Estonia, 4’05, 2018 (NL)
Seeking to perfect the recipe for the perfect Boilermaker a barmaid working after hours instead opens a portal to another world.

God Of Chaos
Maddie Brewer
USA, 6’29, 2019 (NL)
Chaos reigns in the wake of an ancient ceremony performed by a mysterious cult inviting an otherworldly power into their earthly realm.

Simeon Kondev, Felipe Di Poi Tamargo
USA, 1’18, 2019 (SL)
Every bad thing you ever believed about every slippery politician and his talking snub-nosed gun is confirmed.

Priit Tender
Estonia, 12’48, 2019 (NL)
Orpheus can enchant everyone with his music, even animals and plants but he cannot turn around to see if his love is truly following him.

The Eye
Cenk Koksal
UK, 2’54, 2019 (NL)
If you woke up one day and could only see out your backside you would have to start being very careful about where you sit.

Isaku Kaneko
Japan, 3’00, 2019 (NL)
Half man, half steam engine. Full speed ahead, regardless.

Space Probe Force – Gravity Push
Tom Weber, Ilija Brunck
Germany, 3’07, 2018 (NL)
The Space Probe Force team struggle crippling gravity, indifferent residents and pools of sticky goo.

Standard Operating Procedure
Eli Ayres
USA, 5’00, 2019 (NL)
Surveillance anxiety on a cloudy day. Every freak and mutant is out on the street and up to something.

Slug Life
Sophie Koko Gate
UK, 6’35, 2018 (SL)
A day in the life of Tanya, a curious woman who has developed a taste for a beautiful giant slug.

Tomorrow I Will Be Dirt
Robert Morgan
UK, 8’10, 2019 (NL)
Inside the deranged and demented mind of Lothar Schramm, serial killer, lurk many truly, truly twisted visions.

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May 14 2021


8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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ACMI - Cinema 1
Fed Square, Melbourne VIC 3000