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The production and distribution company Bonobo was launched some 20 years ago in Zagreb by one-woman-band Vanja Andrijevic. MIAF was one of the first festivals to invite their inaugural film and we have screened something from Bonobo at almost every year since. Vanya has an almost supernatural ability to spot gifted animators and work with them to ensure they make the best films they can. She is also very good at matching these animators with the best collaborators and she roams Europe making all of this happen. Twenty years in and it’s time to showcase the incredible work of this little powerhouse of a company. In addition to this Showcase of historical highlights, we will also be opening every one of our International Programs with a more recent Bonobo release.

Levitation – Marko Mestrovic

Marko Mestrovic
Croatia, 8’07, 2006 (NL)
What is this force that defies gravity? Let it raise you up, set your course and sail against the tide.

Morana – Simon Bogojevic Narath

Simon Bogojevic Narath
Croatia, 12’26, 2008 (NL)
In folklore, Morana is the ancient Slavic goddess of evil, death, darkness, underworld and the personification of winter.

Nightingales In December – Theodore Ushev

Nightingales In December
Theodore Ushev
Croatia, 2’56, 2011 (NL)
There are no Nightingales in December. What is left is only the history of our beginning, and our end.

Two For Two – Jelena Oroz

Two For Two
Jelena Oroz
Croatia, 6’40, 2013

She Who Measures – Veljko Popovic

She Who Measures
Veljko Popovic
Croatia, 6’51, 2015 (NL)
MAYA: From the verb root ma, “to measure, to limit, give form.” Maya: “she who measures” – the deluding or illusive power of the world.

Simulcra – Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson

Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson
Croatia, 8’45, 2015 (NL)
In hallways filled with illusions, a simulacrum behind the looking wonders if he is looking at a stranger or a hidden part of himself.

Travelling Country – Ivan Bogdanov, Vessela Dantcheva

Travelling Country
Ivan Bogdanov, Vessela Dantcheva
Croatia, 8’45, 2015

Peter’s Forest – Martina Mestrovic

Peter’s Forest
Martina Mestrovic
Croatia, 8’24, 2016 (NL)
If our nature isn’t a threat to anyone, then who or what prevents us from living our life – possibly the only one we have – to the fullest?

The Walker – Thibault Chollet

The Walker
Thibault Chollet
Croatia, 8’07, 2018 (NL)
One night in an almost deserted city, a man walking alone falls prey to his own shadow.


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Jul 21 2021


5:45 pm - 7:00 pm


Retrospectives / Historical / Special Programs
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ACMI - Cinema 2
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