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MIAF is very excited to be involved in an important part of Australian animation history - and you can be too!

In MIAF’s 13-year history, this is absolutely the most exciting thing we’ve been able to pull off. Hands down!

The Grendel Fund is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to raise funds to ensure the digital preservation of Alex Stitt’s groundbreaking animated feature ‘Grendel Grendel Grendel’ (1981).

We've just completed a very successful crowdfunding project through Pozible (a monstrous thanks to our amazing supporters!) and now we're getting extremely excited about two very special screenings during the 2013 festival.

> 'Abra Cadabra' in 3D!
Thu 27 June, 6.30pm

The very first 3D stereoscopic animated feature film ever made. Based loosely on the Pied Piper tale and with voices provided by John Farnham and Jacki Weaver, it tells the story of a happy go lucky, overly optimistic young boy – Abra – as he goes about the very serious business of learning about his world. Made with a particularly unique form of 3D photography, this film can only be seen properly with ‘Abra-Goggles’ the glasses specifically made for it. Thought long lost, we have uncovered a trove of these and you get to keep a souvenir pair of these when you come to the screening.

'Abra Cadabra' print courtesy of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

> 'Grendel Grendel Grendel'
Sun 30 June, 5.00pm

Drawing from the Beowulf legend, Alex Stitt’s first feature is a colourful, contagiously engaging gallop through the Beowulf world as seen from Grendel the monster’s point of view. Grendel, poor misunderstood monster who’s been living and dying since the fifth century in countless retellings of his story, makes his screen debut in this gorgeously crafted animated feature. Superbly voiced by Peter Ustinov, Grendel comes to life as a sometimes marauding destroyer, sometimes inward looking deeply philosophical creature and sometimes gently tragic character in a world outside of his control and understanding.

Both films will screen in Cinema 2
ACMI Cinemas, Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Federation Square

$25 FULL
> Buy tickets online

(You can only purchase your tickets in person at ACMI Tickets & Information Desk)

(Please collect your ticket from ACMI Tickets & Information Desk)




Picture: TANYA FRY - Mornington Peninsula Leader

Alex Stitt is a true pioneering godfather of Australian animation. His most famous work includes the Slip Slop Slap and Life: Be In It TV campaigns but he created not one but TWO visually stunning animated features … ‘Grendel Grendel Grendel’ (1981), and ‘Abra Cadabra’ (1983) which is a unique form of stereoscopic 3D and just happens to be the very first 3d animated feature to be made – right here in Australia.

Getting Alex to present some of these highlights at MIAF last year opened an Aladdin’s cave of treasures we could never have dreamed of – and MIAF13 is where it all comes together.

Firstly, it unearthed a NEVER SCREENED pristine 35mm print of his groundbreaking first feature 'Grendel Grendel Grendel'. It became immediately obvious to us that we had to create a digital copy of this precious icon so it can again be screened and preserved for all time.

The second thing that emerged from the vapours of Alex’s MIAF appearance last year was a phone call that led us to a long-lost stash of the uniquely engineered 3D glasses required to watch his second feature 'Abra Cadabra' in the format it was intended to be seen. This film had no public screening in Australia and this makes its MIAF13 screening (complete with a souvenir pair of the special glasses called Abragoggles) a not-to-be-missed experience. With starring voice talents such as John Farnham & Jacki Weaver, it's a charming comic fantasy inspired by the story of the Pied Piper.



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